School Rules 

It is the intention of the headteacher and staff to create a happy and friendly school for the children.

Every child is therefore expected to conduct himself /herself in a thoughtful and courteous manner in school and they are also expected to show respect towards:-

a)            School staff

b)            fellow pupils

c)            School building and school equipment.

Rules have been drawn up to ensure the safety of the children.  By following these rules, accidents can be avoided.

Children are expected to:-

a)            show politeness towards other pupils and adults.

b)            conform to instructions give by staff.

c)            be punctual. 

d)            respect the school’s books, equipment and furniture.

e)            respect the personal belongings of others and not to bring valuables from home e.g. expensive toys.

f)              respect their environment – inside and outside the school gates e.g. disposing of rubbish correctly.

g)            conform to the fire drill.

h)            walk within the school building and not to play in the toilets.

i)              be quiet and carry on with their work if a member of staff has to leave the classroom.

j)              not bring bottles or sweets to school.

k)            not wear valuable jewellery to school.  The wearing of earrings is prohibited during games and swimming lessons.

l)              not leave school premises without permission.

In addition pupils should be aware that personal hygiene is of great importance.